Furniture Rental Solutions for Everyone | Flexisnug

Who can benefit

Flexisnug is for everyone, local or expat, private or commercial, short- or long-term. We welcome all to be a part of our sustainability movement – while enjoying our beautiful, top-quality furnishings at hard-to-beat prices.

  • We know getting settled into a new country can take a lot. That's why we've made the process of furnishing your home as convenient as possible. Simply choose everything you need online and we'll deliver it to your doorstep, assembly included – you'll feel at home in no time.

    Need to move to another country or back home earlier than expected? No fret, you can cancel your Flexisnug contract at any time with no early termination fees.

    Renting from Flexisnug also means that you won't have to deal with the headache of removal, whether it's selling your furniture at heavily discounted prices on online forums, or paying your landlord extra for a disposal service.

  • Home staging is one of the best ways to showcase a space and make it more appealing to potential buyers. With Flexisnug, you'll have access to high quality, stylish, designer pieces that will bring out the best in your property. Our flexible rental periods make it easy, convenient, and cost-efficient as well.

  • Students who are temporarily relocating to Singapore for their internship or MBA will find Flexisnug a great alternative to cheap, disposable furniture. Enjoy our top-notch range of beautiful pieces at affordable rates. The best part? You won't have to worry about what to do when it's time to leave.

  • Furnished units can be rented out for higher rates than non-furnished ones. With Flexisnug, landlords will be able to refresh their unit with every tenant – without having to commit to purchasing multiple pieces of furniture. It's a cost-effective way to add incredible value to your property.

  • Have clients or employees who are moving to Singapore? Whether it's for the long-term or a temporary assignment, use our all-in-one service for a hassle-free and cost-saving furnishing solution that doesn't compromise on quality. Simply have your clients pick their preferred pieces from our curated collection, and we'll follow up with them on delivery, maintenance, and pick-up. Satisfaction guaranteed!

  • Furniture rental is not just for expats – locals can benefit from it too.

    Are you currently renting a place while waiting for your BTO flat to be ready or renovation to be completed? Flexisnug offers a flexible, affordable, and convenient way for you to temporarily furnish your current accommodations.

    Do you simply like refreshing your interiors from time to time? Flexisnug allows you to indulge your inner designer in a sustainable and affordable way.

    Are your needs evolving? Perhaps the spare room will be a home office for now, but you intend to turn it into a kids' room once children come along. Flexisnug gives you room to adapt to your family's changing needs, with no strings attached.

  • Our beautiful pieces make the best models to show off your impeccable interior design work. Spruce up your photoshoot or exhibit with Flexisnug's affordable and flexible short-term furniture rental solutions.

  • Refreshing your interiors can be crucial for restaurants and hotels to staying on-trend and looking great. Flexisnug will allow you to change your look whenever you need, without the financial burden of having to repurchase everything and throwing away previously used items.

  • As fast-growing startup, you'll love Flexisnug's furniture rental solutions. Moving offices to accommodate your growing team? Having an intern just for the summer? Meeting rooms or reception areas needs some sprucing up? We have everything to cover your ever-evolving needs, with minimal commitment and maximum flexibility.

  • If you're in need of temporary furniture that is stylish, high-quality, and reflects sustainability and eco-consciousness, then Flexisnug is perfect for you. Choose from our range of good-looking furniture at affordable prices, and we'll take care of everything from delivery to removal.

  • Setting the right stage for a video or photo shoot can make a huge difference to your finished work. Let Flexisnug help you build the perfect set for you to convey just the right mood and aesthetic you're looking for. Whether it's just for a few days for a music video, or a few months for a drama series, we have the perfect plan for you.