Tips for taking care of your furniture

A little tender loving care goes a long way. Keep your Flexisnug rentals in tip-top shape with some basic care tips that will help you get the most out of your furniture.

And remember, if you ever need any extra help dealing with those pesky stubborn stains, we’re just a quick phone call or email away for more advice.

         General Care Tips

  • Use placemats and coasters under hot pots and pans or cold glasses and bottles to prevent them from leaving marks on the wood furniture.

  • Clean up any spills immediately to prevent any severe staining.

  • When cleaning the surface of any wood furniture, always work in the direction of the wood grain.

  • Because they are natural materials, oak will darken or yellow over time while teak and walnut will fade slightly when directly exposed to UV light. To prevent discoloration, shield you wood furniture from direct sunlight and shift around objects placed on the furniture from time to time.

To allow the beauty of its grain to take centre stage, our teak furniture is simply polished, so that its natural oils can rise to the surface. Because teak is a high density wood, stains do not penetrate too deeply, making it easy to use and maintain.

Daily care

- Dust your furniture regularly with a dry, non-fluffy cloth.
- To clean up spills, use a cloth or sponge dampened (not too wet!) with a solution of water and natural soap or gentle soap.

Don’t worry about cleaning teak too often – frequent cleaning with a natural soap solution will gradually cause it to build up a protective layer, allowing it to become even more stain repellent.

Preventive treatment

If you’re worried about stains, consider adding a protective layer of varnish to your teak purchases. At Soul & Tables, we offer a on-site complimentary water-based topcoat which seals the pores of the timber, forming a natural protection between the wood and other substances. Take note that this treatment may result in a slightly darker finish on your furniture pieces.

Regardless, spills should be removed as quickly as possible. Even with this preventative treatment, if any liquid or substance is left to penetrate the wood, your furniture may still suffer a stain.

Our oak furniture is finished with a pigmented hardwax oil which forms a natural coating that repels most common substances and fluids, making daily care and maintenance as easy as possible.

Daily care

- Use a dry, non-fluffy cloth for regular dusting.

-To clean up spills, use a damp sponge or cloth (not too wet!) with a mild solution of water and natural soap.

The fabric of our soft furnishing and upholstered teak chairs can only be treated with dry cleaning products.

Do not use soap and water or throw it into your washing machine as this may lighten the fabric and result in uneven discolouration. Further-more, a wash in the machine, even at low temperatures, may shrink the fabric.

Our leather sofas are made of genuine cow leather. Protect from direct sunlight and heat sources. Vacuum regularly with the soft end of the vaccum and wipe with a soft, colour-fast cloth dampened with plain water. Always pay particular attention to areas that come in contact with the skin such as head-rests, arm-pads or seat cushions. Avoid rubbing the leather vigorously or scratching the leather with any sharp objects as this may leave marks.

Do not use detergents, solvents and abrasives. Do not dry clean and machine wash.

Metal furniture should be cleaned with a soft, non-abrasive sponge, using fresh water or a detergent-free soap. Careful cleaning will avoid the build-up of lime scale. For dirt that is more heavily ingrained, you can use either a window-cleaning product that contains alcohol, or a specific multi-purpose cleaner such as Star Brite®.

For furniture that includes both metal and Outdoor Technical Fabric, the fabric should be cleaned with soapy water. For ingrained dirt, you should use a brush and a specialist product such as Star Brite®.

 Ethnicraft Accessories

Our wooden trays are varnished with a water-based top coat to repel common substances and fluids, such as coffee, tea and wine. However, the protective coat is no foolproof guarantee against stains. We recommend removing spills immediately to prevent staining. Always use coasters to prevent hot surfaces from leaving marks on the wooden trays.

Wooden Trays

- Dust regularly using a soft dry cloth. For a more thorough cleaning, use furniture polish with a soft cloth.

Glass & Mirror Trays

- Wipe the surface with glass cleaner and soft cloth.


- Dust regularly using a soft dry cloth.For a more thorough cleaning, use mild soap and warm water. Rinse with clean water and wipe dry. Do NOT use steel wool, sandpaper, mineral acid, bleach, or chlorine cleaners on metal surfaces.

Care Instructions for Furniture with Metal

- Do not drag tables along the floor, as it might damage the protective coating, cause rusting or leave permanent marks on the floor. Always lift the furniture when moving them from place to place.

Furniture with Metal Base on a Varnished Wooden Floor

Always ensure water and solutions used to clean the floor do not come into contact with the furniture’s metal base, as it might leave permanent marks. We recommend attaching rubber or plastic leg protectors on the metal legs. Protectors made from felt is not recommended.

Furniture with Metal base on an Unvarnished Wooden Floor

Some wood species, such as oak, contain tannin, which causes the wood to react with metal and leave permanent marks on the floor. We recommend attaching rubber or plastic protectors on the furniture’s metal legs. Protectors made from felt is not recommended."

As all rugs are handcrafted, there will be the occasional loose end which will come undone. Do not pull on it if this happens; instead try to feed it back into the loom, if possible, or cut it. Vacuum clean regularly and remove spills immediately with a clean, dry, undyed cloth or paper towel. Periodic professional cleaning is recommended.

Airing of the bedroom

Regular airing of the bedroom will guarantee a healthy and pleasant environment for yourself and your mattress. High humidity in combination with inadequate ventilation can lead to damp stains.

Airing of the mattress

The fabric of the Soul & Tables is composed of soft synthetic materials, which must be aired. If you cover it with a counterpane, make sure that the latter is permeable to air and moisture.


All the covers of Soul & Tables can be dry cleaned. Please follow the textile instructions at all times (see label) and do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

UV light

Never expose your uncovered latex core to UV light - daylight or sunlight - as it increases the aging of your mattress dramatically.

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