At Flexisnug, we strive for a clear and transparent pricing policy, while maintaining affordability and flexibility for our customers. Should you have any additional questions on our Rental Agreement, feel free to contact us at or 9011 1149 and we will be happy to assist you!

The Rental Agreement

Is there a minimum order?

No minimum order is required. However, delivery and removal fees will be charged for total orders lower than 99 SGD/month or for lease periods shorter than 6 months.

For example, if your total order is more than 99 SGD/month but your lease period is less than 6 months, a 99 SGD delivery fee and 99 SGD removal fee will be applicable.
If your lease period is at least 6 months but your total order is less than 99 SGD/month, a 99 SGD delivery fee and 99 SGD removal fee will be applicable.

Is there a minimum leasing period?

Our available monthly prices range from 1 to 24 months.
There is no minimum leasing period. However, if you rent for less than 1 month, the 1-month monthly price will be applied. If you rent for extended periods of more than 24 months, the 24-months monthly price will be applied.

Can I rent products for different lease periods under the same order?

Yes, definitely. However, a removal fee of 99 SGD will be applied for each removal unless the total order remains higher than 99 SGD/month and if each period is longer than 6 months.
If you have more questions, feel free to contact us at or 9011 1149 and we will be happy to assist you!

Is there a showroom where I can see the products?

Yes, there is! We collaborate with well-established furniture retailer Soul & Tables. You can visit their showroom at:
Tan Boon Liat Building

315 Outram Road Unit 02-03 & 02-1
They are open everyday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., including Public Holidays (except Christmas and New Year's Day). You can approach any of the Soul & Tables staff for assistance regarding our Flexisnug rental solutions.

Do I need to take an appointment to visit the showroom?

Not at all, but if you would like, you can contact us at or 9011 1149 so we can ensure that someone is available to attend to you on the spot. Otherwise, simply walk in and we’ll be happy to assist!

How can I place an order?

You can place your order online and make your first payment upon checking out.  
Alternatively, you can place your order through email or even through phone, and we can process your payment through email.
You can place your order at the Soul & Tables showroom, located at

Tan Boon Liat building.
315 Outram Road, #02-01 & 02-03
Feel free to contact us at any time or 9011 1149 for a non-obligatory quotation.

Is there a deposit to be paid?

There is no deposit required

What will happen if I need to return the products earlier than expected?

We get it – sometimes plans change. As flexibility is key to us, we will not penalise you for sudden changes in your lease period. We will simply retroactively apply the monthly prices of your final lease period without an extra early termination fees.
For example, the 12-months monthly price of your basket is 128 SGD. However, you would like to return the furniture after 7 months. The same basket has a 7-months monthly price of 155 SGD. In such a case, you will need to pay 7 x 155 SGD instead of 12 x 128 SGD.

However, if your revised monthly total falls below 99 SGD or the revised lease period is shorter than 6 months, delivery and removal fees of 99 SGD each will apply.

Can I extend my lease once my current lease period is up?

Yes, you can renew the lease for some or all of your products. Monthly prices for the extended period will be the same as previously paid.
In case the new lease period is longer than the original, the lower monthly price will apply. However, please take note that we will not retro-actively apply the lower monthly price for months already paid.
Simply contact us or 9011 1149 to request a lease extension.

Is there a free return policy?

In case the furniture you have ordered does not fit in your interior as expected, you have 3 calendar days from delivery to return them and we will refund the first monthly payment made.

Are all furniture pieces that I will receive brand new?

Some pieces may have been rented out before, but all furnishings will go through a thorough and professional cleaning before they are delivered to you, and a certificate of refurbishment will be provided with each product.
Wood products will be sanded and treated with a protective layer, fabric items like sofas and carpets will be professionally cleaned using eco-friendly anti-microbial treatments, and plastic and metal products will be cleaned using a high-pressure washer.
We will take the utmost care to ensure that you receive your items sparkling and as good as new.

Are my products covered by a warranty?

All our products come with a warranty covering you for your entire lease period. Should you have any issues, simply contact us at or 9011 1149 and we will repair or replace the item if necessary, at no extra cost.

What will happen if I damage the furniture?

No panic! Our products have been chosen because they can be easily repaired and restored, and are able to withstand wear and tear from daily use (even with kids and pets!). We simply expect for you to exercise the same care as if these pieces were your own.
In cases of irreparable damage (e.g. broken mirror), just contact us at or 9011 1149 and we will evaluate next steps.

When should I inform Flexisnug of my preferred removal date?

Please inform us at least 2 weeks in advance of your preferred removal date so that we can plan our pick-up schedule accordingly. Just drop us a note at or give us a call at 9011 1149 and we’ll get back to you shortly!

I really love your products. Can I purchase them?

Yes, of course! You can purchase some or all of your rented products at any time, and all monthly payments previously made for that product (excluding delivery fee) will be deducted from the retail price shown on our website.

Is there a lease agreement to be signed?

Yes, we have made a very simple lease agreement that needs to be signed electronically after you place your order. You can read it here before agreeing.

Delivery and Collection

Is delivery and removal free of charge?

Yes, they are, provided that your total order is more than 99 SGD/month and your lease period is at least 6 months.

What if my total order and lease periods don’t qualify for free delivery and removal?

If your total order is more than 99 SGD/month but your lease period is less than 6 months, a 99 SGD delivery fee and 99 SGD removal fee will be applicable.
If your lease period is at least 6 months but your total order is less than 99 SGD/month, a 99 SGD delivery fee and 99 SGD removal fee will be applicable.

When will my furniture be delivered?

Your furniture will be delivered within 3-5 working days upon completion of your order. We will contact you to schedule convenient timing for delivery.
If you see on our website that some items are not in stock, feel free to contact us or 9011 1149 and we will advise on how soon it can be delivered to you.

Where do we deliver?

We deliver everywhere in Singapore. Just ensure that we have easy access to the room where the furniture needs to be assembled.
Additionally, please be aware of your condo delivery restrictions, if any. If there is any failed delivery due to condo restrictions, a failed delivery fee of 99 SGD will apply.

What if I move homes within the lease period?

Please do not engage your own movers to move our products as it can easily result in damage or wrongly assembled products. Flexisnug will arrange for pick up, delivery, and assembly at your new place for a flat 99 SGD fee.
Simply contact us or 9011 1149 to request.

How do I return the products once my lease period is complete?

We will provide free removal services if your total order is higher than 99 SGD/month with a minimum lease period of 6 months.
If your total order is less than 99 SGD/month, or your lease period is less than 6 months, a 99 SGD removal fee will be applicable.
For any return, please make sure that products like cupboards and drawers are fully empty, and that our team can get easy access to the room.
Once again, please be aware of your condo restrictions, if any. A failed removal fee of 99 SGD will apply in cases where we are denied access due to condo restrictions.


What payment methods do you accept?

Monthly payments can be made via bank transfer or credit cards.

When will I start paying for my furniture?

The first monthly payment is to be made at order check out, then every month on the same day as delivery was made. For all payments made, a tax invoice will be provided.
In case a delivery fee is to be paid, it will be added to the first monthly payment invoice. The removal fee will be paid with the last monthly payment invoice.

Will my monthly fees be prorated if I don’t rent for the full month?

Any months part thereof will be billed in full. For example, if your billing date is on the 25th, and you return your furniture on the 30th, you will be billed for the full month starting from the 26th. There will be no prorated rate based on the number of days.

Our Commitments

What happens once a product is returned?

Our high-quality products were chosen based on how easily they can be refurbished, repaired, and restored to mint condition. Once your products are returned to us, they will be professionally cleaned and made ready for their next home.

What happens when a product is beyond repair?

In cases where a product is beyond repair or too worn to be returned to mint condition, it will be donated to local associations to furnish homes of underprivileged in the community.
In the very rare case that a product is no longer usable, we will separate them based on materials and bring them to recycling facilities. We strive for zero waste and zero contribution to landfills.

How are Flexisnug products packaged or re-packaged?

When Flexisnug is repacking items, we will do all we can to avoid plastic use. Our movers use reusable blankets during the moving process, and we reuse our carton boxes as many times as possible.
We also work closely with our suppliers on how they can limit the amount of plastic and foam used in their packing materials and opt for recycled or recyclable materials instead.

Where does Flexisnug source their products from?

We take great pride in making sure that our products are ethically sourced, and we always visit our partners’ production sites before collaborating with them to ensure that they have similar values as we do. One of our main partners is Soul & Tables, who are equally committed to sourcing ethically produced and environmentally sustainable furniture.