Teak Wood 101: How To Maintain Your Teak Wood Furniture

If you are the proud owner of teak wood furniture, congratulations as you have just made a fine purchase. This is because teak wood furniture is one of the most durable solid wood furniture pieces available in Singapore. These pieces of furniture are built to last, and when properly taken care of, they can look brand-new for generations, which is why teak wood is often used to construct outdoor tables.

The good news is that teak wood furniture often requires minimal maintenance, as this material produces its own natural oil that helps to keep the wood in good condition. However, if you want your furniture to remain in pristine condition, you should consider maintaining it regularly. Allow us to share how you can clean and care for your teak wood furniture. 

Cleaning your teak wood furniture

teak wood furniture is cleaning

Unless a spill occurs, you are only required to give your teak wood furniture a yearly cleaning. Fortunately, cleaning teak wood is easy; all you need is a brush and a mild soapy solution to remove any accumulated dirt. Afterwards, you can rinse the furniture with clean water.

Additionally, you can consider mixing white vinegar and water – with a few drops of lemon juice for fragrance – and use this solution to wipe your teak furniture down to protect it against mould. Let us share some further tips on how you can prevent the formation of mould and mildew on your teak wood furniture.

Note: it is advisable to test the solvent on an inconspicuous spot first before cleaning the rest of the furniture.

Removing stains from teak wood furniture

Dining table is made of teak wood

If your dining table is made of teak wood, you may have experienced some difficulties in keeping your furniture in tip-top shape with the number of watermarks you have encountered. Fortunately, there is a simple trick to get rid of these pesky stains - all you need is toothpaste. 

Apply a dab of toothpaste on the affected area. Subsequently, grab an unused toothbrush and massage the paste in a circular motion until the stain is eliminated. Afterwards, you can remove the excess toothpaste with a clean rag. To err on the side of caution, we suggest you test this method on an inconspicuous part of the furniture before you apply it to a prominent stain.

For heavy stains, you will have to lightly sand away the affected areas with a fine-grit sandpaper (minimum 320 grit). This method is only applicable for raw teak wood. This may be a challenging process for certain furniture with hard-to-reach areas, so you will have to work around these spots by hand. Once you are done, you can proceed to seal the teak wood to preserve its hues. 

Preserving the colour of teak wood furniture

Preserving the colour wood furniture in Singapore

If you wish to preserve the colour of your teak wood furniture, you can consider applying teak sealant, which can help to lessen the effects of the sun’s rays on your wood furniture.

Before applying the teak sealant, it is advisable to expose your furniture to the sun for around 2 weeks to open up the grain, which helps to ensure the sealer adheres correctly. If you do not have a balcony in your living area, you can consider placing the furniture near a window with maximum sunlight exposure. Afterwards, spray the furniture with the sealer and rub it into the wood using a lint-free cloth. Lastly, apply an additional coat of sealant for an optimum finish. 

After the sealant cures, you can consider applying a clear coat to give your teak wood furniture an amazing sheen. However, it is crucial to ensure you use a type of clear coat that is specially designed for teak furniture to avoid damaging your furniture. 

To apply the clear coat, you should lightly sand the surface first before applying two coats of clear coat with a clean rag. It is vital to ensure the first coat has dried before applying the second one. Keep in mind that the clear coat should always be applied after the sealant and not the other way around. 

What to avoid using on teak wood furniture

Mistakes to avoid outdoor table in Singapore

Part of maintaining your teak wood furniture and ensuring it remains in pristine condition includes knowing the mistakes to avert when taking care of your wood furniture. Let us elaborate further on what you should avoid using on your teak wood furniture: 

  • Avoid using teak oil as the oil can lead to the formation of mould and mildew.
  • It is not recommended to pressure wash your teak wood furniture as it can cause damage and discolouration to the wood surface, resulting in the surface becoming splintered and coarse. 
  • Never use a steel or brass wool brush to clean your teak wood furniture as they are too abrasive, which can damage the wood surface. 

We hope what we have shared has provided you with greater insights on how to care for your teak wood furniture. However, if you have a hectic lifestyle and cannot schedule the time to maintain your teak wood furniture, fret not! At Soul & Tables, we provide complimentary lifetime maintenance on our regular-priced items. If you require the assistance of our experts in maintaining your teak wood furniture, do not hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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